AcasaStiriINSIA Broker, launched the mobile application DauneAsig for insurance intermediaries

INSIA Broker, launched the mobile application DauneAsig for insurance intermediaries

13. octombrie 2014 | secțiune: Stiri


INSIA Europe has developed a smartphone application that simplifies the work of all insurance intermediaries and will improve the quality of services provided to clients.

The application contains a directory of important phone numbers from the insurance companies where the client needs to report an insured even or to ask assistance services. Directly from DauneAsig, the intermediary can easily send the contact details of the insurer, to any telephone number as text message or even call directly.

"A high-quality long-term relationship between the insurance intermediary and his or her client is based primarily on the ability and capability of the intermediary to quickly provide help to the client during an insured event,” said Alexandra Arsenie, Business development manager for INSIA Romania.

The application, DauneAsig, is available in Google Play store. Any intermediary can download it for free to improve the services provided to their clients. INSIA is committed to continuous innovation to help its brokers grow and make their everyday activities easier. The application is availabe in all contries where INSIA is: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Italy, Poland and Romania.

INSIA Europe, member of Marsh McLennan Companies, is the biggest network of experts in small and medium-sized enterprises and retail insurance business from Central and Estern Europe. INSIA has the Headquarter in Czech Republic and operates on a franchise model.

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